Sunday, June 14, 2009

Halifax - Day 2

Yesterday, our second day in Halifax, was rthe first true "non-driving" day on this trip and Pene & I literally crashed in the afternoon, just vegging out while my dad took the boys to see "Up".

In the morning, we decided to head down to the Keith's Brewery Farmers Market. It's now a farmer's market with all kinds of interesting displays - artwork, crafts, clothing, jewelery, wine, vegetables and a variety of cultural food and bakeries. It's in the original Keith's Brewery in a 1800's stone building, so it's an interesting backdrop for a farmer's market.

After that, we strolled over to the Historic Properties to see if we could score some souvenirs for the big kids back home and also a thank you gift to their father for taking the kids in on a non-scheduled weekend while we were away. To our dismay, we noticed that the Historic Properties was a mere shell of what it used to be - half of the stores were shut down and the food court area with original foods (none of that fast food crap) was pretty much gone. Only one food place was still open and most of the seating area with a view of the Halifax harbour was gone, replaced by a pub-restaurant. Oh well. We did find some stuff to bring home in a shop right by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (where several artifacts from the Titanic are preserved).

Then it was back to my father's house for some major vegging out while my dad took the boys out. Had a nice dinner with homemade Armenian meatballs on rice then we all went to Dairy Queen for dessert (my dad's a major ice cream freak).

Today is going to be a long drive to home. We'll just see how far we can get before crying 'uncle' and finding a motel to crash in. Who knows, maybe we'll feel up to driving all the way home but it will depend on how the boys are handling the trip.


Puffy said...

I can't imagine doing that drive with or without children.