Monday, June 15, 2009

Home sweet home

We're home! We left Halifax at 5:15 am yesterday and made it all the way home at 12:45 am - we felt surprisingly robust so it made for a seemingly fast and easy trip home with only minor stops along the way. The boys were really, really good through the whole ordeal, no doubt helped by repeated showings of Scooby Doo (in particular) and Ratatouille on the portable DVD player in the back seat. We also put them to bed the night before a little later than usual so they could have some last moments with their grandpa and also so we could tire them out a little so they'd sleep more often in the car. *grin* It helped that we found a St. Hubert restaurant that had a kid's play zone in the middle of the restaurant right beside our table so they got to both eat and play while Pene and I ate dinner, killing two birds with one stone.

It was a long but efficient drive. New Brunswick is a really nice province to drive through, but it feels creepy at times with the almost completely barren new highway 2 - we saw maybe 5-10 cars per hour the whole time between Fredericton and Edmundston. Still, it's a vast improvement with the straightaway 110-kph limits as compared to the old winding (and rather hairy at parts) riverside highway with the 80 kph (sometimes 50 kph) limits. We saved perhaps 2.5 hours worth of driving with the new highway as compared to the old one, so that was a huge benefit to being able to get home in a hurry.

I'm not sure why... but I'm back at work today!


maroonclown said...

Welcome home!

You made good time considering you stopped to eat.

When we'vedone that drive we slice through NB on the Irving logging road. It's long and straight and only one gas tank at the halfway point. They charge and arm and a leg so you just have to be sure to have a full tank before you head in.

Made the trip in 14 hours.

Puffy said...

I'm ready for a long road trip.

Puffy said...

Well, not THAT long a road trip. Wow!