Friday, June 12, 2009

Charlottetown - Day 2 and Halifax - Night 1

Woke up to the feeling of dogs and cats thudding to the ground. By the time we got dressed and loaded up on breakfast in the hotel, the rain had stopped so we made a beeline for the historic waterfront.

We strolled around the Founders Hall museum and Province House - historic areas where Canada officially became a nation with the Fathers of Confederation gathering. Bagged some pirate loot for the kids and some souvenirs for us at an Island culture store, stopped for some Cows ice cream (a place reknowned for having the best ice cream in Canada) and scooped up some raspberry cordial to bring home (it's not found anywhere except on PEI).

Then the rain took over again so we decided to wrap up our Charlottetown visit and headed over to Borden-Carleton, just before the bridge back to the mainland, to scoop up some more things to bring back home with us and to get a couple of stuffed lobsters (toy, not food) to keep the boys entertained in the car.

The drive to Halifax was eventful in that we went through fog so thick you could cut into it with a fork and knife. Did make it in a good time so we finally got to my dad's place not long before dinner.

After dinner, my dad and I did something that we've never done in my 42 years on this planet -- sat down on armchairs and watched the entire Stanley Cup Final game 7. My dad's not a hockey fan at all but it's a huge deal here in the Halifax area as Sidney Crosby is from the next area over from my dad's place. Still, history was made as we've had very few chances over the years to actually veg out and take a game in - usually we're too busy catching up on the news or heading out the door to catch some event in the area as we're lucky to see each other more than once or twice a year.

Tomorrow... Halifax all day. We might head over to the Keith's Brewery farmers market and take in the scenery around the Historic Properties and the waterfront, but other than that, we're just gonna veg out as much as we can while the kids go wild with Grandpa - got a long drive ahead on Sunday.