Saturday, April 4, 2009


Can't top this for a weekend treat.

A big fat BBQed burger topped with Monterey Jack cheese and bull eye BBQ sauce.
Pasta salad with Greek feta cheese and dressing.
An Aussie red wine.
Leftover Monterey Jack cheese on crusty bread and crackers.
Watching stuff on the big HD TV.

I'll take that weekend any time.


Puffy said...

Plus a long fresh walk in 70 degree weather and reading the newspaper in the lounge chair in the backyard. Ahhhh.

Molaholic said...

I guess my invitation got lost in the mail (yes, I know about Canada Post)


Tummy said...

I don't know why it's taken so long for me to find your blog Pepe!

But now that I'm here I'll take one burger with the salad and do you have any beer?

btw -Congrats on the job!