Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a week...

I'm going to label this post under the category of "rising from the dead" because I feel like I've just recovered from the past week -- after a long sleep, I'm finally up and about today.

It started on Monday when I found out officially I would be asked to take over as program coordinator, then after that there was a series of meetings -- the old PC and me, then the two of us with the top guy, then the five of us (our staff team of 4 plus the top guy), then just the four of us, and finally back to the two of us.

Tuesday was transition day as it was BB's last day, but I also had to hurry home for a teachers meeting for our 12-year-old who has a learning disability and has an IEP (individualized learning plan) then make it back down to Brantford for my weekly night class. "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Brantford."

The first three days from Wednesday to Friday were just a blur with getting used to all of the extra things to do besides teaching. My teaching load is going to be reduced but I'm still doing a regular amount for now to stay on top of things as the other two staff members tended to work with Level 1 learners while my responsibility was with Level 2 and 3 learners, so the other two needed time to get to know my learners with their own unique training plans. Wrapped up the week with a good staff meeting for the three of us to review things and put into action new plans going forth.

Next week should be a lot easier as we'll be used to things by then -- I don't usually recommend being told what your new duties will be 24 hours before it become the program coordinator's last day on the job. It helps that I've worked directly with BB over the past 8 years so I already know what he does on a daily basis for the most part.

Now? Just sleep, fart, eat, drink, do whatever it takes to veg out around here with as little exertion as possible - but I'll bet you that Pene has other ideas and will have a list of things to do around the house. C'est la vie.