Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great time with Starshine

We met up with Starshine at Coco's in Niagara Falls -- it turned out that Coco's was right next door to the late Tu Tu Tango which was where we had the Great Niagara Peep Meet dinner in 2006. Alas, Tu Tu Tango is no longer there.

As we drove up to Coco's, we immediately recognized Starshine sitting at a table, then went to park the car. Starshine turned out to be a gentle sort of fella, soft-spoken. We enjoyed hearing about his trip stories and the time he was having (I did get the sense he was starting to get a little 'trip-weary' seeing that he had been on the road for nearly two weeks now). Meemo arrived soon after and then Seana later on, it turned into a real gabfest. A real nice time to be had by all in great weather outside on a patio.

I would have liked to stay longer, however we had a bit of a drive to get back home, then I had another drive to work in the morning as it was the day all of my monthly stat reports were due!