Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Making a Difference in such a short time...

A good friend and International Baccalaureate classmate of our daughter passed away this morning after a tragic horseback riding accident where she fell after a jump and was kicked in the head even with a helmet on.

France-Anne was only 15 and the world lost a great difference maker as today's youth have precious few of these. She might have been young in age, but she was well ahead of her age as she was on the student council and was involved with a group called Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere. In fact, she just ran a conference last week called Student Voice ‘09 in connection with the youth violence group.

More on the story here.
And another article here that shows a typical week in her life. Life is far too short, and I'm sure it's extra-tough for a teen to reconcile the fact that she's there one day and gone the next.

Ashley (our daughter) is also running for the student activity council and is to find out later this week. It would be a really weird feeling if, let's say, she ended up with France-Anne's spot or would have been on the council alongside her. I'm not sure how one (in Ash's shoes) is to make of that kind of situation, since so much of Ash's current life (IB, council, music, trips, other activities) had been intertwined with France-Anne's.


Puffy said...

What a horrible accident, while doing something she loved. My heart goes out to her friends and family.

Tummy said...

OMG Pepe - hugs. I don't get why people like that are taken so soon. Hugs to your daughter also. May France-Anne's passing affect those around her in a positive way eventually.

maroonclown said...