Monday, April 20, 2009

Tarred and Feathered

So... how many of you were secretly hoping that Victor/Tammy would get out of the way and just let Margie/Luke duke it out with Kisha/Jen while Phil does the play-by-play?

I had to laugh at the Chinese couple who were sitting there at a table chowing down their food while the three teams were jostling their way to the mat and then getting to watch the crazy Americans brawl their way through the next 45 minutes.


Tummy said...

*raises hand

And I didn't really care who would have won.

Swami said...

I was surprised that Phil looked surprised. No one in production alerted him that there was a huge personal conflict going on? I also thought off-setting penalties might be assessed. They must have rules about "don't get physical" with other teams.