Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Great concept, and I hope to see Earth Hour become a regular thing in the future. We sent the little boys off to bed at their usual 8 pm bedtime, then just vegged out for a while with a tub of Haagen Daz ice cream and some Yellow Tail (Australia) wine with all of the lights off. I went downstairs at one point and it was eerily dark down there, and I mean, dark. The street lights were all off and you could barely make out the street at all outside the front door.

We discussed this in my class on Thursday and a few of the learners suggested "why not make this a monthly event, instead of an annual event?" Good point. Why does this only have to be an annual event? Why not do this on a more regular basis to keep us grounded and constantly remind us to do all of the little things to make a difference in this world? Turn the lights off when you're leaving a room, leave your car idling a little less often, make sure there's a completely full load of laundry and dishes before starting their respective machines, use the BBQ to cook 3 things instead of the oven and two burners, walk to the grocery store a block away instead of driving over there, etc etc etc.

Now, if only they could just turn off the damn sign over at the corner from our house that advertises the McDonald's, Domino's, lawyer's office, realtor's, etc. ...