Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Move that &@%# car! And other rantings...

If you look at me right now, you might be thinking, "Boy, he sure looks like he's ready to get 2008 over with."

Well, folks, it's time to revisit one of Off-Topic's most endearing and controversial topics -- yes, parking lot issues. And I might even get Geg on my side here, too (to protect all identities, I'm only using initials here :-) ). What, you thought I was going to be discussing tapioca pudding skins?

Anyhoo, this morning I'm over at the Sobeys food store and I'm looking for a parking space. It's howling out there with flurries coming down horizontally. So naturally I'm looking for a decent parking spot that isn't at the very back of the parking lot - it's crowded with it being New Year's Eve and all - and I spy an open spot right in the middle, about the third spot over from the front. Except, there's this big-ass pick up truck parked at a 30-degree angle, occupying about 1/3 of the second parking spot in addition to its own.

It's one thing when it's a nice day out there, I wouldn't quibble so much about parking way in the back, but it's colder than a witch's tit outside (yep, it's that cold) and the lines are still clear on the pavement where to park.

Fast forward to leaving the store, and A-HA! There's a lady putting groceries into the back of the truck. I sprint on over to give her a piece of my mind and said, "you know, you're taking up two spots." She ignored me, and I passed along my special New Year's greeting developed just for this very moment: "Move your fvcking truck next time."

Just last week, I got to air out my lungs at some lady who left her shopping cart at the front of the checkout line. It's amazing how oblivious some people can be - just leave your cart right there and block other people from being able to move up and put their groceries on the conveyor belt. I asked her if she planned to take her cart with her or just leave it there. She looked at me like I was some kind of an alien, and I said "well, it's your cart, isn't it?" She silently took the cart out with her to the corral while the cashier gave a smug look (not sure why since she didn't speak up in the first place to ask the customer to take the cart out!).

Ah well. At least we're all done with the shopping and the food preparation for the New Year's Eve party at our place tonight, with the one exception of course being the turkey to throw into the oven. We were going to have the turkey last week on Christmas Eve with my wife's family coming over, but it got postponed due to her brother in law's battle with cancer (he can't be around anyone who's got the slightest hint of a cold) and other family issues that popped up.

Oh, you want more rants, you say? I've got more!

Yesterday, I woke up with my lower back screaming bloody murder. This morning, it was worse as I got up and could barely trudge along from the bed to the ensuite bathroom. The extra-strength Robaxacet isn't doing a thing so far. I think I'm going to need plenty of liquor to get through tonight's party without having to lie down on the hard floor to relieve the pressure on the back.

Now I've just got to tell Pippy and Poppy that they can't run up to me at full speed and hurtle their bodies at me, expecting me to catch them in mid air like usual. Poppy isn't too bad, but Pippy is quite big for his age as he's wearing size 7 or 8 clothing at the age of 5.

Off I go to get the house ready for tonight. Happy New Year to everyone!


Pam Kersting said...

Happy New Year to you Pepe. You had me LOL! I hope your back feels better. I remember when my kids used to run and jump at me as well. My oldest would do it just after he got out of the bath and was wrapped up like a bug in his towel. One time, when he was in kindergarten, he did this and I failed to catch him! He went crashing to the floor and broke his hand. Boy, did I feel bad!! Enjoy the celebration tonight. Scarlett