Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poppy's all grown up

Today was Poppy's first day back at the daycare -- four days of daycare to be followed by his first day in junior kindergarten.

Holy cow. Already at the age of going to school.

Last year, I needed a crowbar to pry him from my leg while dropping him off at the new daycare for the first time. Today? He was hopping in the kitchen before we left the house and he was hopping and clapping his hands all the way from the car to the daycare. When we got inside and I signed in, I called out to him to say goodbye as he was already at the other side of the room, he just briefly turned around, gave a cursory wave and then dived right back into what he was doing as if I wasn't even there.

He's all grown up. Sigh.


Puffy said...

Awww, but I bet he still loves his good-night hugs and kisses.

Tummy said...


They grow too fast!