Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation time!

We're heading up north to the cottage this morning for a few days. Ahhh, nothing beats vegging out at the cottage without having to think of home or work or anything in the home area.

Here's a preview of where I'll be...

If you look in the background, you might be able to see a water tower sticking out from the top of the trees - that's Casino Rama. Just far enough away to not be imposing on us, thankfully. (click on the picture to get a much better view of everything in there - picture was taken in May before everything fully bloomed)

Then, a week from today we hit the road for Ottawa, the first stop on our two week trip. Looking forward to getting out of town and exploring both new and old places (let's face it, by now I've touched pretty much every place in N.S. and P.E.I. as I've been there dozens of times, but will enjoy showing some of the best places to Pene and the kids). I'll keep a running travelogue on here where I can.