Saturday, August 22, 2009

Days 14 and 15 ... and Home

Well... we're finally home after a pretty uneventful drive home, except for the massive construction delays in both Montreal and Toronto on the way home that ended up extending our drive by a hour and forty-five minutes in total.

Turns out that our timing was impeccable. Hurricane Bill is on the way to the Maritimes by tomorrow (although it sounds like it won't be too severe by the time it hits land) and a couple of rip-snorters, as my mom called it - tornadoes, in the north part of Toronto during the two days before we were to pass by. The weather gods were certainly on our side throughout this trip.

15 days.
4643 kilometres (2885 miles).
Five provinces.
Twelve relatives from Pene's side of the family that we visited (Ottawa and PEI).
Two relatives from my side of the family that we visited (Halifax).

We didn't do much at all during the final two days getting home - just drove along and stopped here and there to stretch or to get some food. Stopped in Montreal yesterday and had a nice dinner at St. Hubert - a chicken joint that is very much like Swiss Chalet.

We're finally home and Dingo was quite overjoyed to see us, he actually sprinted back and forth around the kitchen all abuzz, no mean feat for a barrel-shaped cat.

Everything certainly felt strange around the house - it was almost like stepping into a new world, new colours, new designs, etc. and it made me realize how nice it was in the Maritimes with their own way of life and building designs. Even my car felt strange after being in the van for two weeks.


Pam Kersting said...

Welcome back Pepe and family! It's so much fun to travel but always nice to be back home as well! Sounds like you had quite a trip!! XO Scarlett

Puffy said...

There's no place like home. I especially enjoy my own shower and my own bed.