Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 10

Day 10 - Monday the 17th

Another scorcher today... the heat index was in the 40's Celsius, even with the ocean breeze (or more accurately, lack of one) coming in.

It was a productive day, though. We took Ashley to Dalhousie for a campus tour and by the time it was done, she was over the moon with the idea of going to Dal. Not only did the university have all of the programs and courses she liked, she also liked the residences and the layout, and a major clincher for her, the ability to transfer her International Baccalaureate credits directly towards the degree she'd want for med school. Some of the colleges she's interested in back in Ontario doesn't offer this ability to transfer credits, so she was considering only being in the IB program on a part-time basis as a result. Plus, of course, it helps that both my dad and stepmother are well-known at Dal. It got to the point where Pene and I spent some time exploring the housing situation here in Halifax as it's a city that we both love and Ash also has come to greatly like, and Pene's job is relatively easy to transfer from one office to another anywhere in Canada. The major sticking point would be my job, but I'm sure something could be worked out if it ever got to that point. Probably nothing happening for at least two years anyway.

Also went to the Discovery Centre, which is a science museum for kids. It's not bad and was a good way to kill 1.5 hours to avoid being outdoors, but certainly not anywhere on the same level as the Ontario Science Centre (which is easily 4 or 5 times larger and could spend all day there). Zack almost lost his cellphone there, and we certainly would have strangled him if it wasn't recovered at the admissions desk as we still have two-plus years left on the contract for the phone...

Another swim in the neighbour's pool and a big dinner, then we just vegged out in the evening with a DVD of 'Get Smart'. Nice and easy movie to park the brain cells for a while.