Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally in Blogland

If you asked some of my RL friends a number of years ago, they'd probably say that I would be among the first to blog when such a concept came out for the first time. For some reason, I've never really embraced blogging until recently, and now it seems to be a good time as any to finally get into it. I've been entertained reading some blogs belonging to other people from OT and just recently I've been wondering why I never got into it long ago.

So, here I am. Prepare to be bored to tears or to be entertained, depending on whatever strikes your funny bone with my type of TMI.


Pam Kersting said...

Welcome to Blogland, Pepe! You and I have lost our Blog virginity together so it seems. Don't tell Penny!! I just started my blog this week as well. It's at egardens.blogspot.com

Good luck, Sugar! Scarlett

Puffy said...

Welcome! Your boredom is our enjoyment!

Kimmah said...

good for you, pep!! i go in phases with my blog--sometimes it's a burden to me, but most times it's a nice outlet for the myriad thoughts and oddities that flit through my brain.

have fun!! add links. i'm going to link you on mine if that's okay. www.kimmah.net

Pepe said...

Thanks for the warm greetings, folks!

And, yes, kimmah, you certainly may link me and I could do the same to yours (and everyone else) if I ever figure out how to do it.